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domestic undergraduate students are from a low socioeconomic background


increase in the need for Shaping Futures Scholarships in 2021


For some students, a Shaping Futures Scholarship can be the difference between deferring their dream of a higher education or fulfilling it.

For Georgia, a young and dedicated Gomeroi woman studying to protect our fragile rivers and oceans, the scholarship gave her the support she needed to stay at university and continue her course.

“I lived on campus and had no family close by. The scholarship helped me with security and knowing that I could pay my rent and other living expenses on time. I was stressing about money and whether I could stay at uni. It helped immensely. It really saved me.”

Shaping Futures Scholarships assist a wide range of students who face additional barriers to accessing higher education, such as financial hardship, long-term medical conditions, disability, ongoing effects of abuse, or barriers faced by those who are Indigenous or have refugee status.

Georgia’s one hope is that, through her education, she can give back to her family, her community and the world.

“I want to teach people about the effects they’re having on our rivers and oceans and get them involved in conservation and to help out where they can. I want to secure the future as much as possible.”

When you support a $4,000 Shaping Futures Scholarship, you’re enabling students like Georgia to change their life and that of future generations through education. Today, your generosity can give the same hope to other students and empower them to make a lasting difference.