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students were awarded a life-changing Shaping Futures Scholarship this year


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Your kind donation of any amount will contribute to a $4,000 Shaping Futures Scholarship; having a significant impact in the life of someone who really needs it.

Without a Shaping Futures Scholarship, Atefeh would not have been able to complete her Bachelor of Nursing. After fleeing her home country of Iran and spending 18 months in a detention centre, Atefeh was left without hope of being able to study until she received her Shaping Futures Scholarship.

Shaping Futures Scholarships serve as a lifeline to dedicated students who face significant educational disadvantages. These can include financial difficulties, long-term medical conditions, disability, ongoing effects of abuse, or barriers faced by those who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or have refugee status.

We stand with you in your commitment to enabling equity for all students in higher education. For every dollar donated, the University will match it1. Meaning your kind donation before 30 June will have double the impact.

Atefeh had always held a strong desire to help people and is truly grateful to have received her Shaping Futures Scholarship which enabled her to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse. She now plans on using her skills and education to help people in detention centres.

“My life really changed. Imagine yourself in my shoes–you’re here as a mum without hope of being able to study. And then with one phone call, everything changes. I can’t describe it. Now, I’m a mum and a nurse, and I help lots of people.”

By supporting Shaping Futures Scholarships, you can truly make an impact in the lives of students who experience immense hardship. Your generosity can unlock the potential students of who are held back by unfair disadvantages, empowering them to pursue careers that enable them to give back to the community.

1. Capped at $100,000